Java... The Mother of all Languages!

Java is probably the fanciest language of all. As our technological fantasies come to reality, we are seeing that Java is becoming the glue to make these possible. From industries to medicines, from robotics to developing, Java is everywhere! 12 years ago, the Internet of Things was just a...

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Posted by Samarth Agarwal on 8th December 2014, 11.16 PM

Li-Fi, an alternative to Wi-Fi

LiFi is a new way to establish wireless communication links using the Led lighting networks. Is an alternative to Wi–Fi that transmits data using the spectrum of visible light, has achieved a new breakthrough, with UK scientists reporting transmission speeds of 10Gbit/s – more than 250 times...

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Posted by Shweta Metkar on 18th November 2014, 12.08 PM

I hate Puzzles: Am I still a Programmer?

Have a look at this puzzle version of this Escher drawing (to the left). And one day I decided to give it a shot. Have a good look at this picture, 60-70% of it is shades of gray. The pieces are small enough that only a few pieces by themselves contained anything recognizable. Escher's...

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Posted by Namrata Bakre on 4th October 2014, 4.47 PM

When Linux Got Bashed!

Security experts have warned that a serious flaw could be about to affect. But what exactly is the bug that's been dubbed Shellshock, and what does it do. Well, Shellshock is also known as the bash bug for the software it exploits. Hackers use a virus to scan vulnerable system running Linux and UNIX...

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Posted by Nirbhey Pahwa on 12th September 2014, 8.24 PM

International Summer School on Machine Learning Algorithms and Data Analytics

(3-13 June 2014)
at Thapar University, Patiala

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Posted by Mahesh on 8th April 2014, 7.30 PM

VERVE 14: We Spray Painted the Town Red!

VERVE 14 was the grandest college festival in VIT's history. No really, the hype is true. Let's look at what some of the dignitaries had to say:

This year's VERVE surpassed my expectations. I really enjoyed it and will be back next year.

- Barack Obama,...

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Posted by Akshay Elavia on 6th March 2014, 12.31 AM

Geocaching Results!

This event involved participants touring around the city visiting various spots, all the while using only their phones for clues, hints, and directions to the next destination! When the idea was first touted about, we were met with blank stares and straight faces. As is evident however, we disregarded...

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Posted by Suraj Subramanian on 14th February 2014, 6.45 AM

The Hacking Workshop

No one likes waking up early on a holiday. Neither do I. Specially when I know I have to work from 9-5 and help out in organizing an event. So as I sluggishly got ready to go to college early in the morning, I decided to pack John Grisham's "The Innocent Man" in my bag, just in case the workshop...

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Posted by Anuj Khandelwal on 30th September 2013, 5.30 AM

GTA V - This is the next level!

The entertainment industry today includes television, motion pictures, gaming, music, podcasts and many more things, each trying to push the boundaries and change the rules of the game. But most of these have reached a saturation point, churning out the same old product in different avatars. The customer...

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Posted by Mahesh on 24th September 2013, 9.00 PM

The All India ACM Summit

Ankur and I had been to Vellore Institute of Technology (the "other" VIT) a few weeks back. ACM India had organized and conducted the first ever ACM Chapter Summit in India, and we were invited to represent the Vidyalankar Chapter. Chapters from all over India participated in this convention stretching...

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Posted by Suraj Subramanian on 19th September, 9.30 PM

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use and giving back to the community by taking it to the streets and into our everyday lives....

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Posted by Suraj Subramanian on 11th September, 11.30 PM

The Linux Seminar

One day (not so long ago) I woke up in the morning and repeated the morning ritual of fishing around for my phone. Curiosity built up as I opened up the VIT ACM Chapter Working Committee group showing around 32 unread messages. Yes, I was sure there's a new task at hand. Someone was talking about...

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Posted by Sanjana Mane on 8th September, 5.00 PM

The Million $ Question

Publicity has been going on in full swing for the past few days and a lot of people have been asking me, WHY ACM? So, instead of explaining it individually to so many of you, I thought, why not write about it so everyone can know? If you're a tech geek, then ACM to you is like Hogwarts to...

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Posted by Anuj Khandelwal on 3rd September, 5.00 pm

Roadshow Rage!

Interviews terrify me. Numerous thoughts sped through my mind as I sat before Suraj and Amey, evidently intimidated by Suraj's intense "I'm-judging-you" look as they both bombarded me with situational questions. Stuttering slightly, I replied with the first things that came to mind, heaved a sigh of...

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Posted by Krishna Khamankar on 1st September, 12:30 AM

The Force Is Strong With ACM

While I gazed in humor at Vighnesh shouting "Please respond!" and "Is everyone with me?!" at the students while going over a particular code, while I watched in amazement and awe at Shreya speedily conjuring up a presentation for the ACM membership, while I glanced...

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Posted by Akshay Elavia on 27th August 9:21 PM