The Force Is Strong With ACM

Posted by Akshay Elavia on 27th August 9:21 PM

While I gazed in humor at Vighnesh shouting "Please respond!" and "Is everyone with me?!" at the students while going over a particular code, while I watched in amazement and awe at Shreya speedily conjuring up a presentation for the ACM membership, while I glanced at Suraj and Yashica manning the registration table with utmost efficiency, while I saw Pradnesh and Mahesh rushing through the lab trying to reach every student calling out for them, while I admired the way in which members were solving the student's doubts, one thing was clear to me: We were in ACM for the right reasons. Some are bored with curriculum and looking for some spice, some are worried about how their resumes would look after 4 years, some are here because "BRO! Interviews ho rahe hai, chal jaate hai!", and some are here for their love for technology and their urge to share the knowledge. And it is this mixture which I believe culminated into a great event and gave us hope, inspiration and motivation to conduct even more events with flair.

I would like to end by slightly tweaking the great Lambu Aata's words: "Chattri hoti hai kholne ke liye, chadar hoti hai oodhne ke liye, roti hoti hai chabane ke liye, aur gyaan hota hai baatne ke liye". That's what we plan to do in ACM this year. Join us for knowledge and fun in equal proportions.