Who Are We?

The Association for Computing Machinery is the world's largest educational computing society and the premier membership organization for computing professionals. ACM aims to advance computing as a science as well as a profession by way of delivering resources such as journals, conferences, workshops and seminars.

Our goal at the Vidyalankar ACM is to bring home this mandate and advance the applications of technology. We strive to disseminate this information by organizing guest lectures, workshops conducted by eminent personalities in that field, projects and various other activities.

We also aim to give back to society and the College by tutoring and spreading awareness of technology and the applications of computing.

What We Believe In

Technology for Everyone

Making computer science more accessible to all, regardless of their field of study.

Community of Computing

Creating a platform for people with a passion for computing to meet other enthusiasts.

Play While You Learn

We are geeks, but that doesn't make us any less normal :)
We believe in partying, and in the famous ACM "lunches".


  • ACM is a place where you could meet people truly enthused about Technology. Won't find people working so whole heartedly on so much at any other place. It's their selfless interest that drives them.

    Daanish Millwalla, VIT ACM Vice-Chairman, 2012-13
  • ACM is not just another run of the mill committee. The workshops, the people, the libraries of resources, everything in it is immensely purposeful. You get to learn so much about things you never knew existed.

    Viraj Shah, VIT ACM Treasurer, 2012-13
  • I learnt how to manage events and my life. Thank you ACM!

    Rayner Vaz, VIT ACM Secretary, 2012-13
  • The events arranged by ACM helped me with filling in more technical knowledge and made me more interested in technology. The ACM Student Membership kept me updated about research at universities abroad. It offered me with a variety of quality courses I could take up.

    Parnal Vast, VIT ACM Member, 2012-13