The Linux Seminar

Posted by Sanjana Mane on 8th September, 5.00 PM

One day (not so long ago) I woke up in the morning and repeated the morning ritual of fishing around for my phone. Curiosity built up as I opened up the VIT ACM Chapter Working Committee group showing around 32 unread messages. Yes, I was sure there's a new task at hand.

Someone was talking about the Linux 101 seminar coming up in the following week, "check the website", "registrations online", "gear up for the event" etc. were the commands that followed but the one that I noticed with great gusto was "Publicity karo!"

"Publicity karo!", "Publicity karo!", I chanted to myself while my mind shooting back, "But how?!" to which I had no concrete answer. I had no clue about Linux myself! Next command, "Check the website" and I logged on. Whiz! An ultra cool penguin glided in front of me, staring right into my eyes. "Code is the literacy of the future, and Linux is an important currency in that future" was what it said. "Whoa! Really?" I asked myself. Researched everything I could about it after which I could confidently say YES, REALLY! Once I was convinced about Linux's wherewithal, publicity was fluid.

We cracked up with laughter, rose in amazement, stunned at the facts, enlightened with knowledge, the seminar was an alluring blend of all this. As Suraj spoke about how Linux came to be and how to choose the distro of use, Mandar notified us about the advantages of Linux over Windows, and Pradnesh overwhelmed us with its features, we listened on eagerly absorbing each and every bit as it came.

I entered the seminar hall with lit up curiosity, enjoyed it with burning enthusiasm and left, illuminated with knowledge. It sure was a significant addition to our baskets of knowledge. This was my experience, my first encounter with Linux.