VERVE 14: We Spray Painted the Town Red!

Posted by Akshay Elavia on 6th March 2014, 12.31 AM

VERVE 14 was the grandest college festival in VIT's history. No really, the hype is true. Let's look at what some of the dignitaries had to say:

This year's VERVE surpassed my expectations. I really enjoyed it and will be back next year.

- Barack Obama, POTUS

I wish I were alive to be a part of VERVE 14

- Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc.

Playing Laser Tag at VERVE 14 was bro-some! High five!

- Barney Stinson, lead cast member of HIMYM

Main actually Arjun ko side main leta hoon, usko nichodd leta hoon aur uska paseena pi jaata hoon. Aur isse mera jaanwar jag jaata hai.

Okay, the last quotation is true and we should be ashamed of it!

VERVE received a giant shot in the arm as the cast of Gunday promoted their film at the inauguration ceremony. The song and dance was just the right amount of enthusiasm the students of VIT needed to turn up at the festival next day. This year we witnessed the largest crowd at VERVE, both intra and inter. The team was pumped up for the festival and preparations had begun in full swing months back. We even had an Android app for Verve 2014 up and running to keep the students updated regarding the events and activities. (Subtle plug: the application was developed by the ACM webmaster *wink wink*)

We, at ACM, had our events planned, lined up and ready to execute. There was Geocaching, Relay Coding, Retro Coding, and an all-time classic favorite Laser Tag. There's a huge gap in between envisioning these events and making them come to life. But our team was up for it. In my mind, our brief was very Kanti Shah's Gunda-ish: "Zalzala jaag utha hai, sabko pata chal gaya hai ki VERVE 14 start hone waala hai. Bhaag daud aise karni padegi jaise Basanti ki ghodi"

Our team resembled a war room. The Working Committee members were the foot soldiers and the Core members were the commanding officers. We went through the ideation phase, the 'Oh-my-god-we-are-totally-doomed-this-year' phase, the 'Hold-on-we-can-make-it-work' phase, and finally the 'WE-DID-IT-GUYS!' phase. And it was a joy ride with countless memories. Particularly, one moment stands out: Few hours for the festival to start and Laser Tag setup was unfinished. In that moment, the sight of every member of the team sprinting about to get each minor task accomplished. That puts things into perspective, i.e. how important every member was in bringing together the festival. There were of course momentary setbacks, but that's just what they were, momentary.

Being a part of ACM's journey for the festival was a steep learning curve for all of us and I feel lucky to have contributed my bit. This shall inspire our team to work even harder and shoot for the higher skies next year.