The Hacking Workshop

Posted by Anuj Khandelwal on 30th September 2013, 5.30 AM

No one likes waking up early on a holiday. Neither do I. Specially when I know I have to work from 9-5 and help out in organizing an event. So as I sluggishly got ready to go to college early in the morning, I decided to pack John Grisham's "The Innocent Man" in my bag, just in case the workshop turned out to be boring. Or in case I stopped understanding stuff in between. But man, was I wrong! It turned out to be one the best ways to spend a Saturday!

Sachin Dedhia, who was taking the workshop on ethical hacking, is really good at what he does! Few minutes into the workshop, he'd already hacked into a volunteer's phone! He taught us about how we could keep a trace on someone's computer and keep track of every website the person visits throughout the day. A very interesting concept taught to us was steganography - the art of hiding data behind images. Decoding a steganographic code can be really tricky and we were given a few tips about how we could decode a steganographic password.

One of the most interesting parts of the seminar was when two volunteers were asked to go out and talk on the phone to each other and we were shown how to intercept their call. We could hear every word of what they were speaking! Not just that. We were also shown how to call a person from your phone but with a totally different number flashing on the receiver's phone and with a voice which doesn't sound like yours at all! Sachin Dedhia gave us an insight into the important topic of cyber warfare and how it is already being carried out between a lot of nations. The last thing that we learnt was bypassing networks by which we can avoid entering passwords when prompted to do so. As the day progressed, we learnt various techniques of hacking and felt extremely stupid when I realised how unsafe my computer had been all this time.

I didn't become a cyber espionage god at the end of the day, but knowing those little hacking tips and tricks made me feel good and powerful! I realised that day, that ethical hacking is one of the few fields which will never run out of jobs and will, in fact, become an even bigger field in the computing and telecommunication world, than it is today.

At the end of the workshop, as i packed my bag to leave, I saw the copy of "The Innocent Man" in my bag, smiled to myself and thought,"what was I thinking"!