The Million $ Question

Posted by Anuj Khandelwal on 3rd September, 5.00 pm

Publicity has been going on in full swing for the past few days and a lot of people have been asking me, WHY ACM? So, instead of explaining it individually to so many of you, I thought, why not write about it so everyone can know?

If you're a tech geek, then ACM to you is like Hogwarts to Harry Potter! You'll find a lot of tech crazy people like you and so it'll be a year full of fun and learning. Unfortunately, a lot of us have always been taught stuff since childhood in a way that makes learning boring. But trust me, that's definitely not the way we do it here in ACM (attending any of our seminars will surely tell you that!).

Apart from learning, you get the backing of one of the world's most renowned computer associations in the world on your CV. That's like Sir Alex Ferguson backing you to be a footballer! But most of us realize the importance of such an association in the 7th semester when companies come knocking for placements (and this includes people from other branches who have high possibilities of getting placed into IT companies) and the exclusive online resources provided by ACM will help to mold your final year projects. Plus you get a Pandora of online courses including C++ Programming, Cloud Technology, Hardware Configurations for Linux, Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and Oracle Database. The entire list:

All I'd like to say is, think about the benefits associated with ACM and make an informed, wise decision. Because you don't want to end up being THAT guy who looks back at this decision with regret.