Java... The Mother of all Languages!

Posted by Samarth Agarwal on 8th December 2014, 11.16 PM

Java is probably the fanciest language of all. As our technological fantasies come to reality, we are seeing that Java is becoming the glue to make these possible. From industries to medicines, from robotics to developing, Java is everywhere!

12 years ago, the Internet of Things was just a hype. We have come a long way since then; and this transition has provided the developers with new opportunities and new hurdles at every point. But who has been their constant aid? Java. Java has seduced the programmers and developers with its friendly syntax, the object–oriented features and ofcourse, the promise of transportability!

Java supports Write– once/ Run– anywhere feature. Wait... what?! Yes. This feature was too strong to lure all the 'non–object programmers' towards Java. Since the appearance of Java in 1995, it has become irresistible to keep your hands off it. It was also the only computer–related thing to make its way into Time magazine's "Ten Best Products of 1995".

Nothing says long lasting like being found everywhere, and that's Java's greatest asset. The number one mobile phone OS – Android, has its applications built using Java. The Java phenomenon has changed the nature of application development completely. Java continues to dominate the computing world and will continue doing so for years to come.

The potential of Java is enormous… it will be suicidal to ignore its impact on the computer paradigm. It was the transition of the static website contents to the new funky websites that drew the attention of millions of new programmers to the scope of development via Java. Java's biggest competition is Java itself, which has forced the developers of Java to work on it and improve it. With the ever changing technology, there is no doubt that Java will make advancements in leaps and bounds. As a programmer, all you need is a cool language to play around with, and Java does not disappoint you at all!